Business Loans & Funding in the UK

Our specialist Business Loans team offer both secured and unsecured Business Loans from £10k upwards with no upper limit. We serve businesses of all sizes and types including many new starts and early-stage companies and we have delivered loans to many SME’s who just haven’t been able to secure the finance they need from their own Bank and even from other Private Lenders.


Business Start Up

If you are looking to buy or start a new business and have a great business plan with the necessary experience then speak to us. There may be a need to buy a freehold property and many businesses will also need support with the purchase of the business goodwill, vehicles, stock and other key assets.



Peer to Peer

Currently we have access to a growing number of peer to peer lending platforms, which offers a more transactional approach to borrowing money. Although there a number of conditions to lending, for the right company this is now a very quick and pain free to raise finance. Contact us to start an application on your behalf.


We provide access to the widest range of secured and unsecured finance facilities to help get you started and can also advise on the Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme (EFGS) and the possibility of acquiring regional grants dependent on your location.


Asset Finance

We will provide you a fast, competitive quote to lease or finance any capital equipment necessary for the running of your business. This includes Plant, Vehicles, Production Equipment, IT and Telecoms Systems and even ‘Small Ticket’ items down to £2K in capital value.


Invoice Finance

The major reason for business problems or failure in the UK is the inability to collect money owed for goods and services supplied. Your company may be trading well and profitably but is starved of positive cash flow. We can help unlock cash form your growing debtor book.



For assistance with various funding alternatives for your business please call us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry