• Commercial Property and Trading Business Mortgages in the UK

    Commercial Mortgages: With interest rates starting at just 2.5% over Bank Base Rate

Totum Finance can also assist you with commercial mortgage bridge loans, or commercial property mortgage. Whether you are looking for a longer-term investment, purchasing a trading business, or simply re-mortgaging an existing property, then look no further than Totum Finance.


Our expert team can help you to secure a commercial mortgage bridge loan or a commercial property mortgage. Let us do the work for you.

We work to secure commercial mortgages for clients nationwide. From our head office in Northamptonshire, we assist clients in the North West, North East, The Midlands, London and all the major cities across the UK.


Commercial Property Mortgages

Residential mortgages and commercial mortgages are similar in many way, the only difference being the collateral is security over the commercial building.
After your initial enquiry with one of our expert team members, we will assess your best commercial mortgage options.

We will need to understand more about your business and assess the ability to repay the mortgage, from either business profits or other sources of income.

We also work with a panel of lenders to source you a commercial mortgage bridge loan if required. Our team is here is support you every step of the way.



Trading Business Mortgages

We can also assist you fund the purchase of a trading business using a trading business mortgage. We will work with you to inherently value the trading business itself, meaning we don’t just focus on the value of the bricks and mortar – giving you more control.


Short Leasehold Finance

We have a number of partners who offer a range of mortgages
and loans where the security offered is a short lease of less than 30 years.


For assistance with obtaining your Mortgage Facility at the best available rates and terms please contact us today, or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.