21 November 2016


Helping a business with funding, can sometimes be a thankless task.  At times a business is not mature enough for traditional bank or even peer to peer platforms.  Sometimes the only assets the company has its own Intellectual Property.  We had a client who had experience of managing a certain type of trading business.  For certain reasons they closed down their existing business, and was trying to fund a new business in the sector.  The start up nature of the business meant there were very few lenders who could lend to this new venture.  However Totum Finance looked at how they could self fund in the form of pension led funding. 

We introduced the right team who could ensure that he could utilise his existing pension in a way that ensured he could fund his business, provide a superior return for his pension while at all times ensuring a rigorous process was entered into so that the clients pension was protected. 

While the process was not quick, it was vetted by an independent firm of accountants, and the funds were released in time for the client to invest in his new business.  The pension’s interest were secured by preference shares issued by the start up, and ensured they had rights to a return in the mid teens isx0wiy. 

This type of funding was done in conjunction with a highly regulated provider, but provided the most suitable solution for the clients initial problems wikipedia reference.  If you would like us to evaluate your business with the aim of reviewing the opportunity for further funding please get in touch on ask@totumfinance.com


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